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Advertising systems
Google Analytics tag
Google Ads conversion tracking
Google Ads remarketing tag
Google Tag Manager
Facebook Pixel
Heureka conversion tracking
Heureka availability feed
Heureka Verified by customer
Kelkoo sales tracking
Sklik conversion tracking
Sklik retargeting tag
Zboží.cz conversion tracking
Biano pixel

Save your time and boost your marketing with our free Mergado Pack module

No coding needed, just install the module and set it up. Do you have questions? Our support is here to help you.

Export your feeds and turn them into hundreds of formats with Mergado

Expand your network of marketing channels. Use Mergado to create XML feeds for hundreds of different product comparison engines and other marketing services.

Connect your business to the biggest marketing channels 

Do you want to track your Google Ads, implement the Facebook Pixel, or other marketing scripts? Fill your ID codes in the input fields, activate them and the scripts will start their magic.

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1.6.1+, 1.7+
Minimum PHP version:

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Functions Description

The Mergado Pack module for PrestaShop helps to create better XML files for comparison shopping services by exporting the product feed from your PrestaShop store in the Mergado XML specification. Such data is useful for linking to Mergado app, where it can be converted to hundreds of other formats (for comparison shopping engines like, for AdWords or Facebook or for other online shopping platforms).

Mergado Pack makes it easy to implement conversion tracking and remarketing for Google Ads

Module offers the possibility of implementing Google Tag Manager, including a data layer for e-commerce. This tool gathers all the scripts of a certain project, which you can set up directly in it.

And last but not least, the ability to deploy the Google Analytics tool to measure traffic and gain a deeper understanding of the behavior of visitors to your site. 

Mergado Pack supports the implementation of Facebook Pixel. This javascript code allows you to measure, optimize, and compile user groups for advertising campaigns on Facebook. Through this service, you will find out what actions the customer performs on your website. This information will help you create more effective advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Mergado Pack enables the implementation of conversion tracking on Heureka and the activation of the script for Verified by customers and generate the availability feed. Use conversion tracking to find out which categories and products pay are the most visited, and where you can get even more customers. Reviews in the Verified by customers service strengthen the qualities of your online store. You will always have detailed information about the availability of goods through the availability feed.

Mergado Pack supports the implementation of GLAMI piXel and GLAMI TOP services. Use the GLAMI piXel tool to find out what actions the customer performs on your website. GLAMI TOP is used to implement the review, which a customer gets at the end of the purchasing process. 

Mergado Pack supports the implementation of conversion tracking for Zboží.cz. It enables both limited conversion tracking of purchases in the store, as well as the standard version.

The Pack also manages the implementation of conversion tracking for Sklik and retargeting code. For conversion tracking for Sklik, you can also set a fixed conversion value.

Mergado Pack supports the implementation of the Biano Pixel service. It is a solution that allows you to customize the display of products on Biano based on its preferences - according to favorite stores, brands, colors, prices or style of furniture and decorations. 

Mergado Pack supports a certificate issued by the based on shoppers’ positive ratings. Modul contain a function to connect PrestaShop with this service. It ensures the sending of data on completed orders from PrestaShop to the Najnakup portal.

Mergado Pack enables the implementation of the Pricemania widget. It informs about purchase content and thus increases the credibility of your store.

Mergado Pack offers an implementation of the eTarget tracking code. With it, you can monitor and evaluate advertising campaigns on eTarget. You find out the rate of customers coming from eTarget campaigns and the investment return rate.

The Mergado Pack also supports the implementation of Sales Tracking for the international goods comparator Kelkoo

To meet your ROI/COS targets, Kelkoo need to be able to make decisions on what kind of traffic to deliver to you. The insights the Kelkoo Sales Tracking tag provide invaluable to this decision-making process. Kelkoo Sales Tracking plays an integral role in both automated, and manual decision making.

Frequently Asked Question

The module allows you to export data from your online store in XML format, in Mergado XML specification. Such data can be used to connect your store to Mergado, where you are able to convert your product data into hundreds of different formats for comparison shopping services such as Google Shopping, Glami, etc., or for advertising systems like Google Ads, Facebook, or for different eCommerce solutions like e. g. Shoptet, etc.

In addition, the Mergado Pack is packed with many marketing features to help you improve your advertising. Integrated support for Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Glami piXel, Heureka and much more. 

The module is for free.

The module is installed in a standard way, same as other modules. Above you can find a link to download the module as well as a step-by-step installation guide.

We recommend the same minimum system requirements as PrestaShop. The latest stable version of PrestaShop, minimum PHP version 7.1+ for both versions PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7.

  • System: Unix, Linux or Windows.
  • Web server: Apache Web Server 2.2 or any later version.
  • PHP: We recommend PHP 7.1 or later. See the compatibility chart below for more details.
  • MySQL: 5.6 minimum, a recent version is recommended.
  • Server RAM: The more the merrier. We recommend setting the memory allocation per script (memory_limit) to a minimum of 256M

See the system requirements in PrestaShop DevDocs.

If you need any help with installation and the first setup of the module, contact us at support page.

Export settings

  1. In Settings, choose what to export — specify the currency and language combination.

    In case of a larger number of products or in general problems with feed generation, select a limit in Settings and product exports will be generated in batches. In PrestaShop you can also choose specific criteria — setting visibility (in the catalog or only in the store search) and activating the categorical, analytical or product feed. 

  2. In the second menu tab set up Cron tasks. Here you will find a list of Cron URLs that you copy and paste into the task scheduler.
    More about cron tasks in our article.
  3. Then in the XML feed tab you will find a list of XML feeds generated at least once. On this page you can delete feeds, copy and use them in another process, download or check the status of generating. 

Cron is simply an automatic task launcher, so it can, for example, start generating an product XML feed from your e-shop at regular times. Cron can be set up at your web hosting. About cron settings, it is necessary to log in to the administration of your web hosting and find the cron settings there, or contact your web host for more information. 

More about cron in our article

Gradual regeneration of exports brings important improvements in their creation. With a large amount of data, problems arose and in some cases the whole process ended in failure. Our Mergado Pack therefore offers the option of choosing the number of products that will be generated in one step. And thanks to the limit, only the number of items that the user chooses is subsequently created. This speeds up the process, stabilizes it and reduces the risk of it falling

In practice, this means that the feed is generated in partial files, which are merged after this process and create a complete XML feed.

Setting up Advertising Systems

You can set remarketing and other scripts for advertising systems in the Mergado Pack administration in the Ad systems tab. Here you will find sub-menus with individual groups such as Google, Facebook, Heureka, GLAMI, Seznam, etc. 

For each block and input field, you will find explanations that will tell you how to activate the function correctly or where to find the necessary code.

Yes, Google Analtics sends data for GA Ecommerce and Enhanced Ecommerce statistics. However, you must first activate both of these features in the Mergado Pack settings and then in Google Analytics.

Yes, the implementation of GTM via Mergado Pack includes a data layer. The specification is the same as the Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics. Enhanced Ecommerce (UA) Developer Guide specification.

Yes, it does. The name of the variable is currencyCode.

Free technical support

If you need advice on the installation or setup the extension or would like to provide us with feedback, do not hesitate to use our discussion forum, where, in addition to our technical support, a community of other PrestaShop users can also attend to you.

And if you do not want to discuss through the forum, you can also contact us by email or send a question via our Support form.

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