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Connect your online store with the world of e‑commerce. With our free ultimate plugin, you can do it easily and for hundreds of formats


Mergado pack offers many benefits

Save your time and money. Mergado Pack is for FREE and easy to set up.

Connect your business to the biggest marketing channels.

Export your feeds and turn them into hundreds of formats with Mergado.

Free modules
Multistore / Multisite support
Export features
Mergado Product XML  i
Mergado Category XML  i
Mergado Analytic XML  i
Batch export  i
Advertising systems
Google Analytics UA  i
Google Analytics 4  i
Google Analytics Automatic Refund  i
Google Ads conversion tracking  i
Google Ads remarketing tag  i
Google Customer Reviews  i
Google Tag Manager  i
Facebook Pixel  i
GLAMI piXel + TOP  i
Heureka conversion tracking  i
Heureka availability feed  i
Heureka Verified by customer  i
Árukereső Trusted Shop  i
Compari Trusted Shop  i
Pazaruvaj Trusted Shop  i
Kelkoo sales tracking  i
Sklik conversion tracking + retargeting  i
Zboží.cz conversion tracking  i
Biano Pixel + Star  i

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